A version of this story appeared in the March 26 edition of CNN’s Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction newsletter. Sign up here to receive the need-to-know headlines every weekday. (CNN)”We don’t have the machines, we don’t have the beds.” That’s the stark warning one doctor at a New York City hospital gave CNN as they described how underprepared they are for an influx of patients. Doctors and health experts in the United States are calling for more ventilators and protective gear, as the country marked its deadliest day Wednesday, reporting 223 deaths.”To think that we’re in New York City and this is happening,” the doctor said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It’s like a third-world country type of scenario. It’s mind-blowing.”New York has become the national epicenter of the outbreak, as cases there are now doubling every three days, overwhelming hospitals. New York state’s hospitals have enough personal protection equipment for just two more weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo has said, while it’s in need of 180,000 more beds.To help stave off a crippling recession, the Senate voted to inject a $2 trillion stimulus into the US economy, a move that now needs approval from the House. President Donald Trump has pledged

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