Saskya Vandoorne is a field producer for CNN based in the network’s Paris bureau.Paris (CNN)”Be prepared to give birth alone,” the midwife said placing two round plates on my bump. As I let her words sink in, my eyes welled up and I watched my baby’s heart rate quicken.In just over four weeks’ time, as the world continues to reel from the worst global health threat we have seen in at least a century, I’ll welcome a baby, my first. And, because of Covid-19, I’ll work through the animal pain of labor with a stranger by my side. A midwife, not my husband, will be the only person who can hold my hand.During a pandemic, it is of course a privilege to be worrying about the circumstances surrounding a new life rather than mourning the death of a loved one.As a journalist I’m used to planning ahead. When I understood France and its 67 million people would be on lockdown I immediately went online to order the crib, pram and newborn necessities, I figured that if France followed Italy it could also close its nonessential factories.Read More: World Health Organization coronavirus clinical guidance for pregnant womenOver the past week, I’ve

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