(CNN)The White House counsel’s office has been using the lessons learned from court battles over President Donald Trump’s various travel bans and immigration crackdowns to impose new travel restrictions aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus, according to an administration official.And with no end in sight to the current crisis, it remains to be seen how long the sweeping restrictions will stay in place.Not since the September 11, 2001, attacks has the executive branch sought such broad actions to stem the flow of people into the country. Since January, the White House counsel’s office — along with the coronavirus task force — has been grappling with legal questions regarding the imposition of sweeping travel bans in the name of public health as the various countries contend with the contagion. The measures, while effective and expected in such a pandemic, have some of the administration’s critics warning about the dangers of letting them go unchecked.”Reasonable minds can disagree about what travel restrictions are necessary to protect public health in a pandemic like this,” said Doug Rand, co-founder of Boundless Immigration, an immigration information platform. “Everyone would agree that some level of travel restrictions are necessary — the question is: how long

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