London (CNN)In these times of extraordinary global turmoil, the weekend came as a welcome break for many. But anyone looking at the cyclists and runners crowding New York’s parks, hikers thronging Britain’s beauty spots and groups hanging out at California’s busy beaches would have no clue that a dangerous pandemic has the world in its grip. And as cases continue to soar, Italy offers clues to what may happen next. When the outbreak in Italy began, authorities began by locking down affected “red zone” areas in the north. As cases continued to spread, the entire country was put on lockdown on March 9, with those who break the rules threatened with $232 fines and six months’ prison time.But hundreds of thousands of Italians have since been given police citations for flouting the ban, and a Chinese Red Cross official last week said Italy’s measures — among the strictest in Europe — weren’t strict enough. On Friday, the military was called in to help enforce the rules as deaths spiked and hospitals buckled under the strain. By the weekend, when Italy announced more than 1,400 deaths over a two-day period, authorities were forced to issue even more stringent restrictions on people

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