Kathleen Dunn is a longtime Milwaukee radio host who worked for 24 years at Wisconsin Public Radio and 18 years at WTMJ Radio. A member of the Milwaukee Press Club Hall of Fame, she is now retired and involved in volunteer work and moderating public-interest forums. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion at CNN. (CNN)Upon hearing that the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided in-person voting for the spring election would proceed, I was filled with outrage. Messages from friends told me of their sleepless nights and tears. Wisconsin’s Health Services Secretary, Andrea Palm, warned, “In person voting would, without question, accelerate the transmission of Covid-19 and increase the number of cases. And an increase in the number of cases in Wisconsin would result in more deaths.” Let me repeat — “more deaths.”Have you no sense of human worth, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Assembly Speaker Robin Voss and conservative members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court? This is one of the most unimaginably cruel actions you’ve taken — and one that likely has the outcome of suppressing the vote so you can maintain political power. In the midst of a global pandemic, is that more important

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