(CNN)For years, Apple and Google have dreamed of breaking into the enormous market for personal health. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he wants health tech to be considered Apple’s “greatest contribution” to humanity, and sought clearance from the Food and Drug Administration so that the latest Apple Watches can monitor your heart rhythm. Google has poured hundreds of millions into research on aging, cancer and neuroscience. Both have acquired health startups, and poached health executives.But perhaps no effort may give the companies as much of a foothold in the trillion-dollar health care industry as their joint plan, announced earlier this month, to track the spread of coronavirus. The undertaking is massive: By embedding disease-monitoring capabilities into virtually every smartphone on the planet, the tech giants hope to create a globe-spanning Covid-19 warning system. Soon, potentially millions of people could be having their first-ever interactions with Apple and Google in a health-related context. Convincing huge audiences to think of Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) as natural players in the health space is likely to open even more doors for the companies in the bureaucratic, highly regulated and massively complex health care sector. There are a lot of ways the initiative

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