Are coronavirus precautions lowering flu infection rates?“Logically, they will. But we will only know this when the season is over,” former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official Dr. Robert Amler said during a Fox News liveblog.ILLNESSNow when Americans are getting sick currently, the question is: with what?Is it the flu, a cold or the new coronavirus? Patients and doctors alike are parsing signs of illness to figure out who needs what tests or care and how worried they should be.Amler noted there is overlap between coronavirus and the flu because “they look very similar.”The efforts to tame the new virus will also control the flu in the process.He said: “The full spectrum will only be known as we get through a season or two of this virus. This is all the more reason for people to get flu shots so their symptoms don’t get confused with the flu.”So what’s the biggest danger? And why are we responding to them so differently?The medical impact of the new coronavirus is coming into sharper focus as it continues its spread in what is now officially recognized as a pandemic.Globally, drugs like Kaletra, Remdesivir, and Chloroquine are being used to combat the new

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