Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told “America Reports” on Wednesday that the Biden administration is doing “damage control” mode amid the investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. MARK MEADOWS: This is the Biden administration today in damage control for what they actually took was actions against the interests of the American people. When we look at it, they turned a blind eye to China. And what we also know is that Dr. Fauci already in May of 2020, almost a year ago, and a little over a year ago suggested that there was no there there. So either he was uninformed or he was not looking at an additional intel assessment that many others had access to. …Here’s what I do know is to suggest that China all of a sudden is going to have this epiphany and going to be really transparent and allow us to look at it is ignoring what we already know. Is that China has something to hide. They’ve been hiding it. The Biden administration needs to be tough on China. And sadly, what we’re seeing today is more bureaucratic double talk. …I have no confidence that they’re going to hold China accountable. We

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