Former Vice President Joe Biden wants Americans to know how he’d implement the massive $2 trillion coronavirus package to jumpstart the economy if he were in the White House.The all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee on Thursday unveiled his plan for implementing the funding, which aims to rescue workers, small businesses and large companies devastated by an economy that’s been largely shut down as many Americans huddle in their homes to prevent the spread of the pandemic. WHAT’S IN THE MASSIVE $2 TRILLION CORONAVIRUS STIMULUS PACKAGEPresident Trump is waiting to sign the bill into law after likely passage by the House of Representatives on Friday. The bipartisan measure passed the Senate 96-0 late Wednesday night.“The United States Senate just reached a deal on a major economic relief package. It’s a very important step and includes support for families and small businesses, the very things I’ve been calling for for a while now. And when it passes, the key will be its execution,” Biden said in a video that accompanied his plan.Biden outlined steps he “would do immediately” to make the plan work, including using “all available authorities,” including the much-discussed Defense Production Act, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the diseased spread by

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