Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.Donald J. Trump, as a candidate and then as president, set forth the priority to build, repair and maintain America’s crumbling infrastructure. In 2016 he called for a trillion-dollar investment.Before the COVID-19 outbreak, there was bipartisan support for an infrastructure bill but there was never a consensus on how robust it should be and how it should be done. Now, amid this pandemic is a real opportunity to jolt the economy in a positive way and rebuild America.The White House last year cited the most recent report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers, which gave America’s infrastructure a D-plus grade. That grade takes into account tens of thousands of roads, bridges, tunnels and more all across our nation. But it does not include other critical infrastructures such as the nation’s old and decaying electric grid or our airports and train systems.NEWT GINGRICH: CORONAVIRUS — GET READY FOR LIFE AFTER COVID-19. HERE’S WHAT TO DO TODAYInfrastructure that is not maintained costs jobs and money, in the form of lost income (from time wasted) and repairs to vehicles damaged by crumbling roads.So there is no question about the need and the opportunity to act. The question is,

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