California parent pushes to reopen classroomsOakley, California residents Claudine Zambrana and Thomas Will react to the city’s school board members stepping down from their position after being caught mocking parents who want schools to reopen in a meeting.California parents reacted on Saturday to the Oakley school board resigning after mocking the people who push to reopen classrooms after a long closure during the coronavirus pandemic.”One of my biggest concerns is we see this being dragged out longer and longer to where I have the concern of by the time my kids are ready to go in next year, is school going to be back to normal?” resident of Oakley, California Thomas Will, told “Fox & Friends,” alongside Claudine Zambrana, another concerned parent in the city.Will said that the prolonging of the school closure is a “fear a lot of parents have.” He also said that the school board has not been “listening” to the needs of parents.”I think we all need to take this step back and realize how shocking it is that there’s been no real progress forward to get back to in-person learning because we see it around. Private schools have been back. My daughter goes to a private preschool. She’s

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