Two of America’s leading health insurers are waiving all out-of-pocket costs associated with coronavirus treatment, President Trump said over the weekend. Customers of both companies won’t have to make copayments or other forms of cost-sharing for COVID-19 care.”Two of the country’s largest health insurers, Humana and Cigna, are announcing that they will waive co-pays, which is a big deal. For anybody who understands insurance, they don’t waive co-pays easily, but we’ve asked them to do it, and they’ve done it,” Trump announced from the Rose Garden on Sunday, according to the Hill. MAINE REPORTS FIRST CORONAVIRUS-RELATED DEATHCigna CEO David Cordani and Humana CEO Bruce Broussard later confirmed the news when speaking to Bloomberg, saying in a joint statement that they’re “stepping in as aggressively as we can to support care access and peace of mind.”Health care providers would be reimbursed at the insurers’ in-network rates or Medicare rates. Cigna said the waived payments would begin Monday and continue through May 31.The moves could save those patients thousands of dollars, depending on their coverage and how much health care they’ve used so far this year, for treatment for coronavirus. This follows Aetna’s announcement last week that it is offering payment waivers for patients for hospital

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