The group of 10 Republican senators that attempted to negotiate with President Biden on coronavirus relief slammed the president in a biting statement Wednesday night accusing him of misrepresenting their meeting and its fallout. Biden on Wednesday was asked if he will have failed at his promise of bipartisanship if he does not secure any GOP votes for his $2 trillion-plus spending package after no Republicans voted for his coronavirus stimulus either. The president responded that the GOP group he met with before passing the coronavirus stimulus wasn’t acting in good faith. “The last plan I laid out, what was available, what I was suggesting, and how I’d deal with it,” Biden said. “And then the Republican group came to see me. And they started off at $600 billion dollars, and that was it.”BIDEN’S $2T SPENDING PLAN, BILLED AS INFRASTRUCTURE BILL, SPENDS LESS THAN HALF ON INFRASTRUCTUREBiden added: “If they’d come forward with a plan that did the bulk of it, it was a billion, three or four, two or three. Allow me to have pieces of all what was in there. I would have — I would have been prepared to compromise. But they didn’t. They didn’t move an inch. Not an inch.” Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) speaks

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