Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.The Treasury Department announced Monday that they expect most Americans who are eligible for stimulus checks under the CARES Act to receive payment by the end of April. Several categories of people, however, will not be getting payments under the coronavirus relief package. Here is a breakdown of who will be left out of this program.GYM FRANCHISE OWNER: COVID-19 STIMULUS ‘NOT WORKABLE’ FOR OUR INDUSTRYAnyone claimed by someone else as a dependentAny person listed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes is not eligible for their own stimulus check. This includes both children and disabled or elderly adults whose own children may be claiming them as dependents.While the CARES Act allows parents to collect $500 for each child, that only applies to children 16 years old or younger. That means that dependents who are 17 or older do not qualify for this even if they are still in school, and if they do not file their own taxes they cannot get their own check.Certain immigrantsThe CARES Act notes that non-resident aliens are not eligible for checks. Those with green cards as well as H-1B or H-2A work visas

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