Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox.  Sign up here.No one has felt the stress from the coronavirus pandemic more than the nation’s health care workers and first responders who are trying to save lives.With more than half a million cases and 42,000 deaths, the coronavirus will continue taking its toll on those serving on the front line and mental health experts worry about the long-term impact.“Fear and anxiety are as contagious as the virus,” New York-based psychiatrist and Yale faculty member Dr. Anna Yusim told Fox News. “With every patient, you have to get them through this trauma and then we have to find a silver lining.CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEA Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) health tracking poll taken at the end of March found that 45 percent of respondents feel “that worry and stress related to coronavirus has had a negative effect on their mental health” and 19 percent said it has “a major impact.”“We as a nation, are in a situation unlike anything that we’ve ever faced before,” Yusim said. “Death has become this ever-present reality and there is so much uncertainty that everybody is feeling.”Yusim has been in private practice for a decade and has treated some

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