As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world claiming lives and rattling the global economy, major U.S. prisons such as Rikers Island in New York City are considering releasing their inmates to prevent a potentially catastrophic situation. The debate over whether to release the prisoners follows Iran’s move on Tuesday to free some 85,000 inmates from its deeply infested and dilapidated prisons. The U.K., likewise, has suggested similar measures.When asked Sunday on Sky News about the possibility of releasing prisoners, General Secretary Steve Gillan said: “There are no plans now to release prisoners but it cannot be ruled out.” FILE: Inmates pass the time within their cell block at the Twin Falls County Jail in Twin Falls, Idaho.  (The Times-News via AP)America’s nearly 7,000 jails, prisons and correction facilities pose a fertile breeding ground for the virus, given inadequate health conditions in normal circumstances, as well as the inmates’ close proximity to one another. Though no cases have been reported in any of the nation’s prisons, advocates of releasing the inmates say prisons represent a ticking time bomb if nothing is done. Calls for action have only grown louder following the death of David Perez, a New York City Department of Correction investigator,

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