The nation’s 9/11 first responders, many of whom were made sick from working at Ground Zero, have been taking extra precautions during the coronavirus outbreak, to ensure that their compromised immune system does not come into contact with the virus.It was in the days after the 2001 terror attacks that thousands of construction workers, police officers and firefighters worked in the rubble piles where the World Trade Center previously stood, and in the years since, many of them have seen a decline in their health, often dealing with respiratory ailments. With many of them still having breathing issues, contracting COVID-19 could prove deadly, meaning many of our nation’s heroes have been forced to isolate themselves from others in the hopes that they don’t contract the virus.BOSTON-AREA HOSPITALS SEE MORE THAN 100 WORKERS TEST POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUSDespite the cause for concern, many first responders have been trying to keep a level head throughout the current crisis.“I should be fine. It’s just really about staying mindful of staying clear,” Lt. Michael O’Connell (ret.) of the New York City Fire Department said to Fox News. He was a 25-year-old probationary firefighter or “proby” when he spent 9/11 assisting with rescue efforts and spent the weeks

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