Critics have mocked the coronavirus vaccination timeline laid out by President Biden Thursday night, with everyone from pundits to satirical website The Onion chiming in on his stated goal of a return to small social gatherings with close family by Independence Day.Biden, who also vowed all Americans would become eligible to receive a vaccine by May 1, raised eyebrows by adding that intimate gatherings could be allowed two months later.Journalist Tim Miller questioned Biden’s messaging, stating Americans should be working toward a return to normalcy, not tiny gatherings. “I think in the grand scheme of things as long as progress keeps happening in [sic] will accrue to Biden’s benefit and the particulars won’t matter much,” Miller tweeted. “But shouldn’t we be working towards outdoor community gatherings (baseball/beaches/fireworks!) 7/4 not just close family?”BIDEN DIRECTS STATES TO MAKE ALL ADULTS ELIGIBLE FOR VACCINES BY MAY 1National Review correspondent John McCormack posited in response that Biden is simply keeping expectations to a minimum for political purposes.”Worst part is that Biden prefaced this allegedly ambitious goal by saying ‘you’re owed nothing less than the truth,'” McCormack wrote. “The truth is that it has always been safe for small numbers of people to gather outdoors. He’s setting a low bar for political reasons.””I celebrated July 4 last year with

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