Long lines and empty shelves are becoming more common in grocery stores nationwide as communities shut down schools and employees work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak, raising questions about whether America’s supply chain can handle a potential mass quarantine event.Retailers and manufacturers have been working together to figure out how to speed up the production of select products, how to sanitize stores for customers, and have discussed hiring temporary workers to help in mass grocery store deliveries and food pickups nationwide, according to FMI or the Food Industry Association.“In an unprecedented time, I would say that nothing’s off the table,” said Doug Baker, vice president of industry relations for FMI, who said they are even talking to lawmakers about eliminating some rules, like required 15-minute breaks for truck drivers, to keep supplies flowing.PHOTOS: STORES EMPTY AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK The Food Industry Association says they’ve discussed with retailers and manufacturers the possibility of hiring workers, such as restaurant workers, who would be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, to help in drive-thru pick-ups and food deliveries as the outbreak moves forward.From coast to coast, customers have been waiting in lines for hot-ticket items such as bread, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, pasta and hand sanitizers.

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