How to make your own hand sanitizerWith hand sanitizer sold out at stores across the nation, shoppers are not waiting for shelves to be restocked and are turning to the web to learn how to make homemade versions.As panicked Americans wipe store shelves clean of hand sanitizer in an effort to stave off the novel coronavirus, others have been scouring their pantry for ingredients to make a concoction of their own. But those efforts can land you in a medical emergency unrelated to COVID-19 should you mix the wrong chemicals together.AMID CORONAVIRUS FEARS, MANY SCHOOLS CLOSE BUT SOME DAYCARES REMAIN OPENIn a letter sent out from one Connecticut town’s office of emergency management, officials warned residents against mixing household bleach and ammonia, as doing so produces a toxic gas called chloramine that could cause shortness of breath and chest pain. Additionally, residents were warned against using household bleach and vinegar, which can produce a chlorine gas that causes coughing, breathing problems, burning and watery eyes.Residents were also urged to avoid mixing household bleach and rubbing alcohol, as it produces chloroform — which is highly toxic, and to keep hydrogen peroxide and vinegar separate, as the combination could produce peracetic/peroxyacetic acid,

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