Patients with underlying medical conditions such as a chronic illness or those who are elderly are considered to be most at-risk for novel coronavirus according to multiple health agencies and experts, but what can they do to minimize that risk?Social distancing, hand-washing and avoiding those who are sick are among the top pieces of advice given to the general public, but for the immunocompromised, there are additional steps they can take. That includes wearing face masks, according to Dr. Jake Deutsch, co-founder and clinical director of Specialty Infusion and Cure Urgent Care.WAYS THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK COULD END, ACCORDING TO EXPERTS“Although the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)] does not recommend the general population use face masks, for those with compromised immune systems, there is reason to be extra cautious so I do recommend using them,” Deutsch told Fox News. “The immunocompromised population should also engage in social distancing measures and should minimize time in public places and with touching things that could be contaminated.”Deutsch said keeping a healthy diet can also help boost the immune system.VISITING THE DOCTOR DURING CORONAVIRUS: SHOULD YOU RESCHEDULE?“The importance of a balanced diet to prevent illness and boost the immune system is incredibly important,” he said,

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