As coronavirus cases rise in New York, Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Seigel answered your questions about the coronavirus pandemic in an interview on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning.“We’re seeing over a thousand cases that are documented and there must be a lot more than that [in New York],” Siegel told “Fox & Friends,” noting that the asymptomatic coronavirus carriers could be attributed to the increasing spread in the Empire State.Question: My daughter is a nurse and lives at home with us – she works on a floor with some patients who are already sick, should I be isolating away from her?CORONAVIRUS QUESTIONS ANSWERED: CAN YOU HAVE FLU AND COVID-19 AT SAME TIME?Siegel wondered if the woman who asked that question had already been tested.“I would always err on the side of safety here, and, so, if there is a question mark and there is close contact, unfortunately, even with proper precautions, we’re seeing the spread to healthcare workers.”“I would say to isolate until you know more information.”Question: With kids from home from school, is it safe for them to play in the park and cul-de-sac area or should we only stay in our own houses and backyard?Siegel responded that that depends

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