Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat joined host Arthel Neville on Saturday to answer coronavirus questions on “America’s News HQ.”Neville began by talking to Nesheiwat about those who feel ill — people who might normally go to an urgent care facility — and how they should  proceed if sick amid the coronavirus outbreak.CORONAVIRUS QUESTIONS ANSWERED: CAN YOU HAVE FLU AND COVID-19 AT SAME TIME?Question: Should you go to an urgent care facility if sick?”You want to stay home if you have very mild symptoms. Sniffle, maybe a little sore throat, a little congestion, stay home. Supportive care, which means tea, over-the-counter medicines, a little bit of Tylenol,” Nesheiwat said. “The last thing you want to do is go out where you can potentially infect other people or pick up the coronavirus if you just have another type of cold-like rhinovirus or adenovirus or even the flu. If you have just very mild symptoms, stay home.””Now, if you are having difficulty breathing and shortness of breath and you’re near collapse, that’s another story,” Neishewat added. “That’s when you want to seek medical care”Question: Do urgent care facilities administer coronavirus tests?”Yes, I’m testing every day that I’m at work. I’m out there on the

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