As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise and daily life in the U.S. comes to a screeching halt, many parents are having a difficult time explaining the pandemic to their children.Leading mental health professionals joined “Special Report” Thursday to answer questions submitted by the public, and offer guidance to parents on navigating these unfamiliar times.Question: “Usually, we can talk to our kids about changing dates on the calendar and they can adjust to that pretty well. But with this situation, not knowing dates, not knowing when things will get back to normal, it is pretty tough to talk to them about how to deal with it. We could use a little help on that.”Dr. Jamie Howard, Director of Trauma and Resilience Service at the Child Mind Institue advised parents to openly communicate with their children, and encouraged families to establish a “new routine.””We all really thrive on routine and predictability, kids in particular,” she explained. “It is so hard right now, there is so much uncertainty and we have to tolerate that.””Keep an open line of communication with your kids and tell them ‘I will tell you as soon as I know something…'”— Dr. Jamie Howard, ‘Special Report'”What you can do is keep an open line of communication with your kids and tell them that ‘I will tell you as soon as I know something that we can

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