As refrigerated trucks arrive at states across the country, funeral homes say they are turning families away. As of mid-January, Los Angeles County had nearly 1 million cases of COVID-19 and of those, more than 13,000 had died. The deaths are taking a toll on the healthcare system and funeral homes that are at capacity and unable to take on new cases.”A grieving family’s first question when they call a funeral home shouldn’t be ‘do you guys have room,’ ” Hugo Sanchez with Optima Funeral Home said. CALIFORNIA PROBING SEPARATE CORONAVIRUS VARIANT LINKED TO LARGE COUNTY OUTBREAKS: OFFICIALSBefore the COVID-19 Pandemic, Optima Funeral Home in Los Angeles said it was hosting about 35 funerals a month. As of December, that number had more than tripled.  Funeral homes across the country turning grieving families away as they reach capacity in morgues. “This last month was the busiest for us with a total of 150 cases,” Sanchez said. “We were able to handle it in November because we had about 50 cases, but then December jumped up.”California alone has had more nearly 3 million cases of COVID-19 as of Jan. 15 and more than 32,000 people have died. The climbing death toll continues to stress an already struggling

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