Even more governors on Thursday tightened restrictions across the U.S. in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus, as Americans yet again are reportedly dealing with long lines and wait times for results of coronavirus tests ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.Governors in California, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Arkansas on Thursday joined a slew of other states in announcing new limits on where residents can go, what they can do and who they can be with as virus cases continue to rise. On Thursday new cases in the U.S. again exceeded 170,000 according to Johns Hopkins University, far higher than the numbers seen in the surges of the spring or the summer. Meanwhile, many coronavirus testing sites around the country are seeing a growing number of Americans attempting to get tested and are unable to efficiently handle the rush, according to reports. CBS Denver reported that some testing sites in Colorado were reaching their capacity by about 9 a.m. The New York Times last week reported hourslong lines for tests in that state.The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday that in Maryland, some sites are also struggling to handle lines as Gov. Larry Hogan urges those entering the state for the Thanksgiving holiday to get coronavirus tests. Thursday’s

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