The top lawyer for Democrats during the House impeachment inquiry has confirmed that he tested positive for the novel coronavirus — while simultaneously accusing the Trump administration of being “shockingly unprepared” for the pandemic.Daniel Goldman, who conducted much of the questioning for House Intelligence Committee Democrats during the impeachment inquiry last year, tweeted Sunday that he has COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.FOREIGN DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN ON FAKE NATIONAL QUARANTINE TRYING TO CAUSE PANIC, TRUMP ADMIN OFFICIALS SAY “My #COVID19 test came back positive. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. It means a lot to my family and me,” he tweeted. “I am almost back to 100%. I’m lucky enough not to fall in the vulnerable category and, for me, it was just like the flu.”Goldman went on to describe his “difficulty in getting a test despite the exact symptoms and a neg flu test” which he said “underscores how shockingly unprepared this administration is to deal with this pandemic.”“@realDonaldTrump can try to gaslight the American public by repeatedly saying that everyone who needs a test can get one, but that was not true one month ago (when it should have been the case) and it is not true today (when there

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