“In negotiations for economic crisis relief, some are pushing for a special carve-out just for Boeing & GE,” Senator Ted Cruz, R – Texas,  complained Saturday via Twitter. “That would be WRONG. Millions are losing jobs; we don’t need bailouts or corporate welfare — those companies should participate in the same liquidity programs as everyone else.”Senator Cruz is right. The economic response to COVID-19 should involve backstops, not bailouts.Staunch free-marketeers like Cruz rarely advocate government help for business. Under normal circumstances, this would be as startling as watching Cruz demand tax hikes. But, of course, these circumstances are light-years from normal.DEFENSE SECRETARY MARK ESPER: IN CORONAVIRUS FIGHT, US MILITARY IS ON THE FRONT LINESThe COVID-19 global pandemic has turned thriving cities into ghost towns, as denizens hide indoors. (As I write these words in my East Village apartment, Manhattan sounds like Montana. My neighborhood’s motorcycles, garbage trucks, buses, screaming lunatics, feuding lovers, and drivers blasting music — and never the good kind — all have been stilled…by germs.)This quietude echoes the suddenly silenced economy: Bars, restaurants, hotel ballrooms, amusement parks, airplanes, and the entire Las Vegas Strip are padlocked.COVID-19 is not a re-run of 2008, when Washington rescued companies and people

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