At the start of the long Labor Day weekend Friday, President Trump gave us some important reminders about commonsense safety precautions we can all take to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.At a White House news conference the president reminded us to practice social distancing, wear a mask when social distancing is not possible, wash our hands frequently, clean common areas, and obtain testing if we are directly exposed to someone with COVID-19 or having symptoms of the disease. On a positive note, the president said new COVID-19 cases have declined by 28 percent nationwide over the past month, and said there has been a staggering 85% reduction in the death rate from the disease since April.FEWER LABOR DAY BARBECUES EXPECTED AMID CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, SURVEY SUGGESTSBut this good news shouldn’t prompt us to grow complacent and ignore the need to continue to protect ourselves from COVID-19. New cases of the disease spiked after the Memorial Day weekend, so we must not let our guard down this holiday weekend.The president highlighted the fact that we have several vaccines in phase three testing, including by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna. Pfizer trials may end as soon as early as October, meaning

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