Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.  Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel was given a COVID-19 rapid test live on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday by Dr. Michael Misialek, associate chair of pathology at Newton-Wellesley Hospital outside Boston.”This is a rapid diagnostic test that will generate an accurate diagnosis within five minutes if the patient is positive for COVID and up to 13 minutes if they are negative,” Misialek told Carlson of the test manufactured by Chicago-based Abbott Laboratories. “And it’s the only test out there that’s rapid in that degree of speed.”THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, STATE-BY-STATEMisialek administered the the test to Siegel by swabbing his nose while both men wore protective gear. Misialek noted that Siegel had complained of “a bit of a cough” and wanted to test negative for the virus before he “went back on the wards at NYU [Langone Medical Center]Later in the program, Siegel rejoined Carlson and announced he had tested negative for the coronavirus.”I want to tell everyone out there with a cough who’s worried that they were in contact with people with COVID-19, this is where the future has to be. Boy, do I feel great,” Siegel said.

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