In an exclusive interview with “Sunday Morning Futures,” financier Michael Milken, chairman of the Milken Institute, discussed what he believes are effective ways to address the coronavirus crisis.On Sunday, Milken, who has been studying life-threatening diseases for decades, discussed testing and potential cures for the virus.“Testing is going to change dramatically,” Milken noted. “In Nebraska, they’ve announced they have the test down to two hours and I’m sure it will become faster.” “We can’t talk about all the mistakes or what went wrong in the past. We need to focus on how to ramp up testing,” he continued. Milken then referenced President Trump’s press conference from the White House on Friday, which included major retail CEOs such as the CEO of Target and Walmart, and where Trump declared a “national emergency,” pledging $50 billion to stem the tide of the coronavirus pandemic. During the news conference it was revealed the administration will attempt to expand coronavirus testing around the country by implementing “drive-through” sites at retailers, including Walmart and Target.Milken said Friday’s press conference shows that “just like Pearl Harbor, private industry and public partnerships are mobilizing today to deal with the testing problem.”“That will be behind us,” he added. Milken then went on to discuss potential treatments with host Maria Bartiromo.“We know the Gilead anti-viral treatment has already

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