Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has joined forces with an Alabama doctor to set up a hotline for people who have questions about COVID-19. Winston, an Alabama native, told “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday that he was “grateful to have this opportunity to be able to speak about how the African-American community has been affected by this.”Statistics show the virus is taking a disproportionate toll on black people, most notably in cities like Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans.Winston said that in his home area of Jefferson County, Ala., “they have completely shut down the county because of the spread of the coronavirus and I just really believe it’s because of the resources that they lack, whether it’s the local hospitals or the different machines.” THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK STATE BY STATEHe said that lack of resources is why he teamed up with Dr. Scott Kelley to create the hotline and “give people the luxury of just making a call from their own home and being safe and helping prevent any spread of this outrageous virus.” As of Wednesday afternoon, the Alabama Department of Public Health had reported 2,369 confirmed coronavirus cases and 66 deaths.Dr. Kelley said he wanted to help set up the hotline because “I thought people

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