Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., may be close to ending his presidential campaign, but his socialist ideas and rhetoric have successfully persuaded some Americans to point the finger at “greedy” billionaires and corporations as the root of all their problems.In fact, Sanders went so far as to claim that billionaires shouldn’t exist. He has also blamed the “greed” of corporations for risking “the public health of our community.”In reality, our country’s billionaires and corporations have stepped up to provide solutions that ensure the protection and well-being of American people.CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION TIPS FOR PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC ILLNESSThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard’s Impact Fund and the British philanthropy Wellcome Trust jointly announced that they will commit $125 million to develop a COVID-19 therapeutics accelerator, hoping to “speed-up the response to the COVID-19 epidemic by identifying, assessing, developing, and scaling-up treatments.”In particular, the Gates Foundation has had a tremendous amount of experience in leading global health efforts. Since its founding, it has demonstrated a successful track record of coordinating with government agencies while providing leadership and resources in the global fight against diseases such as malaria, polio, tuberculosis, and HIV.  The foundation retains the efficiency, expertise, discipline, and accountability that is often lacking in government.Moreover, Bill Gates was

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