The House of Representatives Thursday overwhelmingly passed a $484 billion relief package to rescue small businesses, help hospitals and to expand testing, sending the fourth bipartisan coronavirus bill to President Trump’s desk.The legislation will deliver a $310 billion infusion to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a forgivable loan program that ran out money last week amid skyrocketing demand from hurting small businesses. The Senate passed the legislation on Tuesday by voice vote.The legislation passed 388 to 5, with one member voting present.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the fourth bipartisan coronavirus legislation “historic” during a bill enrollment ceremony after the vote. Pelosi and Democratic leaders touted their efforts to extract concessions from the Senate and Trump Administration to target small business aid to minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses.The legislation “took a giant step in loosening the hard grip of disparity of access to credit in our country,” Pelosi said.While both Republicans and Democrats supported the bill, they couldn’t help but bash each other on the House floor in the hours leading up to the vote, accusing each other of playing politics by delaying the needed aid.House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said the additional funds for small businesses should have been passed immediately after the  Trump Administration on April 7

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