Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.Of all the concerns of an expectant mother, the possibility of giving birth during a global pandemic was likely not among them. But as hospitals turn into war zones, many new mothers are concerned about the risks of facing the front lines of the pandemic to give birth.“I was anxious, period. Just having a baby,” said Alyssa Gaines-Kruchinsky, who is nearly 37 weeks pregnant. “And then you add being in the middle of a pandemic to it.”Over 300,000 babies on average are born in the month of April in the U.S., according to UN statistics.SMOKERS MORE AT RISK IN CORONAVIRUS FIGHT, STUDY SAYS Fox News spoke with doctors and new mothers to find out more about being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic and what measures hospitals are taking to protect expectant mothers and newborns.“I think that in this entire situation, I’m pretty calm, except when it comes to thinking about obviously delivering in this environment,” said Gaines-Kruchinksy, but added she hasn’t yet considered a home birth.Dr. Michael Nimaroff, senior vice president of ob-gyn services and executive director at Norwell Health, serving New York City, Long Island and Westchester in

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