Idris Elba is rejecting rumors that he’s in intensive care in critical condition after testing positive for the coronavirus.The actor, 47, revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 this week despite showing little to no symptoms. While he continues to engage with fans on social media while under quarantine at home, Elba was questioned about hoax videos and bogus stories about his health that surfaced on YouTube and Facebook.When one of his Twitter followers alerted the actor to a Facebook story that claimed he was “in the intensive care unit struggling,” Elba simply replied, “Not true.”WAYS THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK COULD END, ACCORDING TO EXPERTSAnother concerned Twitter follower tweeted, “Someone posted a YouTube video of you saying you are in critical condition for the covid19 virus .. please debunk this fake rumor.””This is fake. I’m fine for now. Thanks for showing me,” Elba responded.The actor also fielded questions about his symptoms from fans.”I still haven’t shown symptoms..I’m thankful for that,” the actor tweeted Friday afternoon.IDRIS ELBA DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT BEING THE FIRST BLACK JAMES BOND ANYMORE: ‘YOU JUST GET DISHEARTENED’He told another fan that he hasn’t suffered “poorly days.””I had a headache and body aches on the day I tested but

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