In her “Ingraham Angle” on Monday, host Laura Ingraham pointed out that there are increasingly more about-faces on the part of the government in recent weeks when it comes to retraction of coronavirus-induced socioeconomic lockdowns and the like.Ingraham said that although President Joe Biden announced that a 4th of July celebration will be held at the White House, it was only several weeks ago that he was using Independence Day as a gloomy ultimatum to reach a vaccine threshold, and setting the picnic bar at “small groups” if any at all.”The reason Biden changed his mind about the 4th of July was because freedom-loving Americans and governors who represent them forced his hand,” said Ingraham. “The red states were leaving the blue states in the dust in every metric – a mass exodus from New York, California, Illinois and other pro-lockdown, high tax states, told the tale.””Americans were literally voting with their feet, in some cases uprooting their families to be able to send their children to in-person schools.”The host pointed to several governors who have led the way in reopening – or never originally closing – their economies and making their own informed decisions about mitigation instead of taking

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