Interpol has announced a huge takedown in 90 countries targeting crooks cashing in on the coronavirus endemic.Items seized as part of Operation Pangea XIII included 34,000 bogus surgical masks, Interpol said Thursday.The outbreak of the coronavirus disease has offered an opportunity for fast cash, as criminals take advantage of the high market demand for personal protection and hygiene products, officials said.CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a rise in counterfeit face masks and other personal protection and hygiene products (Italy) (Interpol)TOP CORONAVIRUS SCAMS TO BE AWARE OF“Once again, Operation Pangea shows that criminals will stop at nothing to make a profit,” Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock said in a news release. ”The illicit trade in such counterfeit medical items during a public health crisis shows their total disregard for people’s wellbeing, or their lives.” Participating INTERPOL countries inspected more than 326,000 packages (Ireland) (Interpol)Law enforcement agencies involved in Operation Pangea found 2,000 online links advertising items related to COVID-19. Counterfeit surgical masks were the medical device most commonly sold online.The coordinated takedown, which involved inspecting more than 326,000, took place from March 3 to March 10.CRIME AND CORONAVIRUS: DOJ SEEKS FRAUDSTERS, TRIALS SUSPENDED,

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