While health officials insist the general public does not need to wear surgical masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contracting the novel coronavirus, millions have emptied store shelves in search of the gear. But once you’re done with your single-use equipment, is it considered medical waste or can it go out with the regular trash?“A mask that’s worn by the public is considered to be normal household waste,” Brad Wright, vice president of health care solutions at Covanta, a waste management company, told Fox News. “Post-consumer waste in a clinical environment like a hospital when the PPE like a mask is used and then taken off is typically disposed of within the hospital environment as medical waste, which is regulated differently than normal household waste.”GEORGIA MAN ARRESTED IN ALLEGED CORONAVIRUS TEST KICKBACK SCHEMEHowever, should you or someone in your household contract COVID-19, there are steps you can take when throwing out contaminated products to help keep others safe. Wright said those products include masks, gloves, tissues or other contaminated one-use materials. Bedsheets, however, can be washed as usual.“Generally guidelines are provided from the communities people live in,” Wright said. “If they’re in the situation where there is COVID-19

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