Italy entered the third week of a nationwide lockdown Sunday, closing all non-essential businesses, while the rest of Europe hunkered down amid a spike in coronavirus infections.Italy’s death toll reached at least 4,825 people as of Sunday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University, making it the worst-hit country in the world. At least 53,578 people have been infected.ITALY’S MILITARY DEPLOYED TO TRANSPORT BODIES OF THOSE KILLED BY CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Just before midnight, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Saturday announced new restrictions amid the lockdown, ordering all non-essential business to be closed during what he called the nation’s gravest crisis since World War II.“It is the most difficult crisis in our post-war period,” Conte said in a video posted on Facebook, according to Reuters, adding that “only production activities deemed vital for national production will be allowed.”“We are slowing down the country’s production engine but we are not stopping it,” he said. A view of the corridor outside the intensive care unit of the hospital of Brescia, Italy, Thursday, March 19, 2020. Italy has become the country with the most coronavirus-related deaths, surpassing China by registering 3,405 dead. Italy reached the gruesome milestone on the same day the epicenter of the pandemic, Wuhan, China, recorded no new infections. (Claudio Furlan/LaPresse via

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