History condemns generals who plan to fight the last war, rather than anticipate the challenges ahead. Effective leaders strive to get in front of the problem.In his Rose Garden news conference Friday outlining the federal government’s next steps to get in front of the advancing coronavirus pandemic, President Trump was much more forward-looking than his critics.In battling an epidemic, the primary goal of public health officials is to slow the spread of disease to protect vulnerable populations. If they do not slow the spread, medical treatment facilities can be quickly overwhelmed, leading to delay or outright denial of care for many.KAY COLES JAMES: TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARATION HELPS MOBILIZE NATIONThe travel bans established by the president aim to slow the entry of the coronavirus into the U.S. The social distancing policies being implemented by state and local governments, private organizations and individuals aim to slow the spread within the country.These actions have been largely successful to date. Our hospitals and intensive care units are not packed, much less turning away patients.Yet the president has been harshly criticized by some for not doing more. Most of the criticism has focused on testing issues – and some of it is legitimate.More

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