Predictably, the immediate reaction to last night’s presidential speech on the battle against COVID-19 — both pro and con — appeared to be driven largely by partisan sentiments. Much attention was lavished on things like the president’s delivery. Few attempted to objectively assess the efficacy of the measures already taken by the administration, much less the new measures announced last night.The big story, of course, was the 30-day ban on travel from most of Europe. Let’s put the politics aside and see why the White House went there.In dealing with pandemics, top priorities have to be limiting the spread of the disease and protecting our most vulnerable populations. Social distancing — that is, limiting the contact between people who are shedding the virus and others — is critical to achieving both goals.DR. MARC SIEGEL: TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS SPEECH ON POINT – SUPPORT THE SICK, PROVIDE ECONOMIC RELIEF AND BE RESOLVED, CALMAnd that’s where travel bans have a role to play.Simply put, it is hard to empty the bathtub while the water’s running. American businesses, organizations and governments are taking unprecedented steps to drain the tub — from shutting down classrooms to barring fans from sporting events to raining on St. Patrick’s Day parades. At a time when we’re voluntarily disrupting our

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