Coronavirus impact on sports worldwideSportscaster Jim Gray joins Arthel Neville on ‘America’s News Headquarters’ to discuss the financial impact of the coronavirus on sport organizations and their employees.Sportscaster Jim Gray joined “America’s News HQ” Saturday to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world, calling the league shutdowns a “disaster economically,” but the right step.”It’s a disaster economically, but they’ve got to get it right. And they’re taking the necessary precautions and steps. All of this was very, very necessary. It’s the right move to do,” Gray told co-host Arthel Neville.”The economics, unfortunately, are going to cause people a lot of pain. But the ultimate pain would be to have this virus continue to spread and have it be much more pervasive across all of society with these crowds gathering.”CORONAVIRUS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWNeville asked Gray about the NCAA shutting down its March Madness basketball tournaments and how it would impact the student-athletes. Gray said that those with talent have nothing to worry about in regard to transcending to the next level but that many who don’t move on had their moment taken away from them, comparing it to former President Jimmy Carter’s decision to not send American Olympians

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