Republican Sen. Josh Hawley and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they’re on the same page about one thing: Stimulus checks need to be included in the next coronavirus relief bill.GRAHAM SAYS HE AGREES WITH OBAMA THAT AOC NEEDS MORE PROMINENT PLACE IN DEMOCRATIC PARTYThe payouts, included in a first round of COVID-19 relief earlier this year, have become a sticking point in negotiations on a second bill.”I will gladly work w/ @AOC and anyone else who wants to help working families. Families and working people in need should be the FIRST consideration in COVID relief, not last,” tweeted Hawley, who represents Missouri.After months at a stalemate, Congress is inching towards a $908 billion stimulus bill that excludes $1,200 direct payments to every American, a potential hurdle towards a deal for more progressive lawmakers, such as Ocasio-Cortez of New York. “If people don’t get UI [Unemployment Insurance] assistance, and if they don’t get a stimulus check, then relief isn’t going to be felt in their lives, not in a substantive way,” Ocasio-Cortez told NBC News’ Garrett Haake on Friday. “So will I support resources to hospitals and schools and firefighters? Absolutely. But I am extremely concerned that it’s

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