President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency Friday to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is anything but a sign to panic. Instead, it’s a reassurance to the American people that the federal government, state and local governments, nongovernmental organizations and American industry are working together to stop the spread of the virus.In many parts of our country, schools are shutting down for weeks. Businesses are sending their employees home to telework when possible. Churches and synagogues are closing their doors. Professional sports events have been canceled. More than 30 governors have declared states of emergency.There are some who view this response to the coronavirus as an overreaction. After all, millions of Americans get the seasonal flu every year and we don’t take these measures.TRUMP DECLARES NATIONAL EMERGENCY OVER CORONAVIRUS, ENLISTS PRIVATE SECTORBut this isn’t an overreaction. On the contrary, this is a commonsense, measured response to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.More from OpinionIn the Washington metropolitan area where I live, new cases of people testing positive for the coronavirus are being reported each day. Washington is an international city, with embassies housing foreign nationals from all over the world and people from other countries regularly visiting for business and

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