America’s current outlook for an economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic is positive, but that could change if former Vice President Joe Biden wins in November, White House adviser Larry Kudlow told “Your World” Thursday.Kudlow argued that Trump’s agenda of deregulation and tax cuts boosted the American economy before the COVID-19 pandemic and added that the country was seeing a “V-shaped recovery.”BIDEN WILL RAISE TAXES, ‘CRATER’ STOCK MARKET AND ECONOMY: KUDLOW”This will be a self-sustaining economic recovery with very big numbers in Q3 and Q4,” he said.Kudlow added that by imposing higher taxes, Biden and running mate Kamala Harris may end up hurting America’s ability to recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus.At one point, host Neil Cavuto had asked Kudlow about Biden’s pledge to make the economy more fair as president.”What I make of that is higher taxes,” Kudlow answered. “It’s very clear the other team is going to raise taxes. It’s in their policy book. We’re looking at at least a $3 trillion tax increase. You know, I would just say, Neil, I’m not the political guy, I’m the policy guy. If you’re in or coming out of a pandemic contraction such as we have experienced — brutal, difficult, heart-breaking stuff — you don’t want to be raising taxes.”Both Biden and Harris have pledged to repeal President Trump’s

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