Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday he would issue lockdown orders unless Israeli residents started complying with guidelines urging them to stay home amid increasing coronavirus cases.“Yesterday we gave clear instructions … asking people to stay at home as much as they can and to go outside only when it’s vital, for food supplies and other such needs we specified,” he said in an interview with Israeli Channel 12 TV.Netanyahu said Israel’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community and “parts of the minorities,” referencing Arab-Israelis, have not taken the message.“If the message is not understood, then I will not hesitate to impose an order,” Netanyahu said, according to Reuters.In the interview, he cited instances in which the country’s ultra-orthodox community continued to hold large weddings and some religious schools remained open despite a national closure of educational institutions.He did not give any details of a lockdown order and said he would further address the issue in public remarks on Thursday.”If necessary, the order for a lockdown will be ready tomorrow,” he said, adding that a full lockdown would have devastating effects on the economy.ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU, TEAM TESTED FOR CORONAVIRUS DESPITE NO SYMPTOMSNetanyahu said that Israel’s situation was better than that of most countries. 

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