New Rochelle, a suburb north of New York City, has transformed into a virtual ghost town, with eerie photos showing empty streets and shops after a one-mile “containment area” was imposed around the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the state.New York State has recorded the second-highest number of cases of coronavirus in the United States, with 226 people infected as of Thursday morning. At least 120 of those cases are in New Rochelle, a town in Westchester County, about 17 miles north of Manhattan. The idyllic New York City suburb was put on the American cultural map in the 1960s when the actor Dick Van Dyke’s character on his eponymous TV show made his home there.WASHINGTON BANS GATHERINGS OF 250+ PEOPLE IN SEATTLE AREA, OTHER STATES REACT AS US GRAPPLES WITH CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAKBeginning Thursday, National Guard troops were expected to arrive to help clean public spaces and deliver food to people who are in quarantine. About 4 miles outside the containment area, Westchester County Police shut down Glen Island Park, a 105-acre park, located on Glen Island, on the Long Island Sound, to set up a mobile testing site for those possibly infected with the coronavirus. Heavy equipment was seen rolling through the

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