Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.As the coronavirus pandemic rolls on, do you look for signs of good news – encouraging and uplifting indicators that everything is going to be OK?It seems doom-and-gloom-type headlines are everywhere. Even as the crisis appeared to hit its peak last week, experts began warning of a second wave of the virus striking this fall.So, amid all the challenging news, I’m particularly drawn these days to inspirational and aspirational signs. They’re actually everywhere, especially if you know where to look.NICK HALL: AS CORONAVIRUS SPREADS SUFFERING AND DEATH, MANY PEOPLE ASK: WHERE ARE YOU, GOD?But I’m not talking about indices like dropping infection rates, news of a vaccine or a rising stock market, all of which are welcome. I’m referring to physical signs – often in the form of engraved quotes on buildings, monuments or other prominent displays.As I travel, I carry a small notebook with me to capture thoughts, ideas, conversations – and quotes. I love quotes. Maybe it’s because my parents always tacked them up on our kitchen bulletin board. Reading a pithy, witty or insightful observation is like unwrapping a great treasure.More from

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