Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day …’Rogue’ Republican could stall coronavirus relief vote, House members fear Furious lawmakers voiced serious concerns on Capitol Hill late Thursday that a Republican House member could “go rogue” and possibly scuttle a vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, and potentially endanger other House members in the process, Fox News has learned.Fox News is told there is deep worry on both sides of the aisle that Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., could try to sidetrack House plans to quickly approve the coronavirus bill via a “voice vote” — a verbal exercise in which those in favor shout yea, and those opposed holler nay. The loudest side would prevail.“It’s the Thomas Massie show,” said one senior Republican source who asked to not be identified.“He is going to do it,” a senior Republican leadership source told Fox News, explaining that leadership had tried every type of arm twisting — and it’s not working. The source said he was actively calling members and telling them to get on planes in the morning to come back to Washington so a quorum of 216 members could

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